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Cricket Games online

Power Cricket Challenge Game - Cricket Games
Power Cricket Challenge Game
6 Sixers Challenge Game - Cricket Games
6 Sixers Challenge Game
Indo Pak Cricket Game - Cricket Games
Indo Pak Cricket Game

Did you know there could be more fun ways of playing the cricket game? Play from our selection of online cricket games that we have pitched in for you and pad yourself up to whack some balls. You are in for a treat at where you get to play dozens of online cricket games like IPL, one day, test matches and also some galli cricket to relive your childhood memories. Cricket just got better with the new titles. Now you can also enjoy your favorite cricket game in 3D.

The Center cricket title allows you to play or defend multiple balls from different directions. You get to play bonus balls as well. Your goal is to ensure you hit all of them and not let them touch the stumps. Do you want to shell out some of your frustration? You can also play bully cricket where you get to throw people to hit runs. The more you throw in less time, the higher will be your score. Every time you throw the kid for a six you get to score six runs. You also get to play Quick cricket, where you just have to choose batting or bowling and start playing if you don't want to spend time choosing the team, the number of overs, and other gameplay options. You also get to play Indo-Pak cricket game to make your way to victory by defeating the opposite team.

The book cricket is yet another creative cricket game which decides your shot based on your selection of pages. Do you want to test your cricket knowledge? Then play the Umpire test. Are you an Ishant Sharma fan? Then play the power bowler to deliver some great fast balls and bag some wickets. Treat yourself to some of the best and varied online cricket games on the internet. Don't forget to share and play with your friends.

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