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Games for Your Site

Reversi 2

The Classic Othello board game. Players take turns placing disks on the board with their assigned color facing up. . . .

Bowling New

Try to knock down as many pins as you can in this bowling game.  

Stylist of the Year

Do you have the talent and the creativity needed for becoming the new “stylist of the year”? Then resp . . .

City Dunk

Play City Dunk, a free basketball dunk shot game brought to you by Tap the screen to control the . . .

Disaster Will Strike 6

The 6th installment of the addicting puzzle game Disaster Will Strike! With new levels and new challenges. It will . . .

Free Running New

Free Running is a city parkour themed game that will lets you experience the thrill and excitement of defying grav . . .

Playing with Fire 2

Select the number of players and level to start the game. Blow up your opponents using bombs before they manage to . . .

Plazma Burst

An amazingly fun sidescroller shooter. Earn money to purchase new weapons. Tons of levels!

Top Speed Muscle Car

American Muscle! Cars with insane engine potential of unimaginable performance! One king rules them all... Shelby . . .


Doing harm to mothers with children is really not a good thing! A group of truants came with a plan that they want . . .

Tap the Frog

Ribbit! Do you have what it takes to help the Frog jump, paint and spacewalk the way to his sweetheart? Join the F . . .

Ninja Jump New

Test your reflexes in this simple yet addicting game! Tap on the screen to make the ninja jump, collect coins to u . . .

Groovy Ski

Ski down the most dangerous slopes without hitting the roadblocks in this endless HTML5 game.

Cosmo Spin

Avoid the debris from outer space and keep your Captain safe. Watch out for the power-ups!

Douchebag Beach Club

We're back again, with another hilarious Douchebag game. Douchebag Beach Club now brings you under the sun, wh . . .

Berzerk Ball

Berzerk Ball, the expansion pack of the original Homerun game. A brand new look for the game, new weapons, new ite . . .

Tofu Escape

The little tofu is trying to escape. It starts out pretty easy but the journey gets tough very quickly. This Tofu . . .

PlaySpace Domino

Playspace Domino is a classic multiplayer board game where you can play and challenge your friends. When you play . . .

Bullet Fury

3D first person shooter game. Your troop has found out the position of an enemy secret laboratory. Take your gun a . . .

Super Santa Kicker 2

Super Santa Kicker 2 let's you have fun with Santa Claus kicking. Do you think you are good enough to gain mor . . .

Adventures Of Santa

Do you want to experience how hard it is for Santa Claus to put all the gifts secretly in every house? In this gam . . .

Diwali Dhoom

Diwali Dhoom flash games with Santa Banta. This is the funny game of burning crackers and celebrate Diwali by . . .


Throw your firecrackers over the fence in this game and make sure you hit all targets you have to hit.

Diwali Dhoom Game

  Flying your rocket to collect your diwali gifts and makes your diwali very special. Blast the rockets & . . .


Celebrate Diwali by lightening sparkles differently in this online game. Have a fun and new amazing lights in your . . .

Diwali Fun Game

  This is a race between the two Supersonics. Collect the firecrackers on the way and reach the destinati . . .

Diwali Fireworks

Play Fireworks games on Zapak. Fire up the rocket and watch it taking its course through the sky until it blows up . . .


Evil threatens the world so the world needs heroes. Those heroes are Broforce. Under-funded but never out-gunned, . . .

Cut The Rope Time Travel

Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope Time Travel is a completely . . .

Cut The Rope

This is a fun and addictive game where you will have to feed the monster who arrived at your door in a box. It is . . .

Marble Temple

Get the marble to the hole within the time limit and in the fewest shots possible in this zen mini-golf-style game . . .

Bike Rivals

Rev your engines! Prepare to race through a series of challenging levels, where you have to be clever with physics . . .

Berry Rush

Strawberry Shortcake and her friends need help baking their delicious cakes! Run through Berry Bitty City collecti . . .

Supercar Showdown

Rev your engines and get ready to show off your supercars! This top-down racing game is packed full of fast cars, . . .

Bow Master Halloween

Hunt wisps in the newest Bow Master game! Enter spooky settings where bright targets dart and dance to escape your . . .

Sportbike Champion

Take your motorbike racing skills international as you take on the world best racers fighting to be crowned the Sp . . .

Decay of Men

As for you, your adventure starts where it all ended. Gather essential elements and try to survive to your next lo . . .

Whack Alien

Whack the Moles on the head by clicking on them. But they've had enough and don't be surprised at what the . . .

Galactic Goobers

The goobers have invaded and it's raining bulgum and goop. Then why should you shy away? Fight back using your . . .

Hungry Bob

Help Bob jump and grab food he likes.

Smiley Chomp

Smiley has loads to eat provided he himself doesn't get eaten. Prove that our Smiley's no wimp and can go . . .

Snowboard Challenge

Are you bold, with style and a snowboard? Take up the challenge, show some funky tricks and win kudos!

Motu Patlu

Play as Motu or Patlu in this epic battle between best mates. In this game, it doesn't matter if you are a mot . . .

Book Cricket

Flip the pages and score the runs.

Cherry Bomb

Watch out for Firecrackers, Rockets and Cherry Bombs. Arrange the falling boxes in an assembly line to earn points.

Chicken Cross

To get to the other side, duh! Except, no one told it about the traffic! Get the plucky clucks across in one piece.

Dino Drop

Dino eggs are up to mischief and so are you.Go ahead...start counting the eggs before they hatch!


Motu and Patlu try their skills at being basketball junkies. Help them shoot it in the basket!


Help Motu and Patlu escape the jungle and save their lives.  

Kitkat Lovebirds

Play the game and help the Kitkat lovebirds unite!

Shadow Kings- Dark Ages

Dive into the humorous fantasy world of Shadow Kings - Dark Ages: Join forces with unruly dwarves and proud elves . . .

Monster Truck Destroyer

There are vehicles in stacks. You can push them with your monster truck and smash them. Apart from the cars there . . .

Mad Mine Truck

Try to balance your mining truck as you deliver the ore to its destination.

Bike Storm

Race through these 15 levels of ramps, pits and furnish piece aggregation gold in prescribe to grade your wheel an . . .

IPL Cricket 2013

IPL Cricket fever is back!! IPL cricket 2013 comes alive. Show them over with your beastly batting skills! Choose . . .

Candy Crush

Play Candy Crush games, the best game launched, maybe even the game of the year. Crush candies and get through all . . .

Defender Of The Galaxy

Defender Of The Galaxy is single-player casual mini game. Shoot countless waves of incoming enemies and upgrade yo . . .

Battle Mechs

Battle Mechs is single-player casual mini game. Build your Mech and fight enemy's in short strategic battles.

Ultimate Collision

Enjoy this amazing 3D FULL SCREEN game created using the latest UNITY technology. Drive around and knock down all . . .

Family Barn

Family Barn : Where friends become family. Free family barn game for everybody. Be the master of moo in your own d . . .

Soccer Punch

Dodge the opponents and shoot the ball into the goal post in this soccer punch game. Enjoy the world's most fa . . .

Commando Arena

Use your mouse to control your robot and destroy as many as you can, try not to die!

Cat Bat

This isnt a game for cat lovers, you have been warned. Grab your baseball bat and whack the cats over a wall. If two . . .


Click the Play button to start. Use the arrow keys to move, shoot using the space bar.

Overtorque Stunt Racing

Intense racing action with multiple play modes, car upgrades and full in-air control.

Angry Animals

Pesky aliens have invaded the animals turf. Use your catapult to launch the animals in order to take out the alien . . .

Space Invaders

Kill the aliens. Avoid enemy fire or hide behind the blockers. Aliens start to move much faster near the end!

Zapak Teenpatti

TeenPatti is a three card poker game commonly played in the Indian subcontinent. Diaspora  has resulted . . .

Paint Ball Hitch

Fast paced paintball game played from your Tata Vista

Force India F1 Racing

Beat the Competition. Take the Speed Challenge.

Candy Cash

Candy's got her candies into a terrible mess, can you help her to sort them out?

Quad Trials 2

Quad Trials 2 is the second instalment of the popular physics-based quad-bike driving game!

Bubble Hit Christmas

These colorful Christmas bubbles are out of control!

Centaurs attack

You are in dangerous, because lot of Centaurs coming for killing you.

Run Ninja Run

Run from the ninjas. Avoid the collisions and jump and dodge swiftly. Run as far as you can without getting caught . . .

Fission Balls

Take control of the spliting balls and protect your planet from destruction!

Cars Mirror Match

Find the matching mirror image of the cars in this tricky Puzzle game!

City Skate Foranza

The world has gone crazy! Grab your helmet, skates and jetpack, and escape from the evil death machine!

Desert monster 2

Ride your desert monster in the second series with more challenging levels and lots of upgrades. Drive through the . . .

Tank Cannons

Destroy the enemy forces to earn upgrades and badges!

Fast Buggy

Your goal is to drive 7000 meters distance in single race, but not less than in 25 days.

Jelly and Frog

There is a frog living in the pond! He wants to see the world.

Dragon Escape

Help the little dragon escape from the falling bricks.

Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs

Zombie Dinosaurs have invaded Paris! Ninja Cat needs to kill them with shurikens and katana. Play the free online . . .

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